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What is a content creator?

A content creator is a professional who is dedicated to producing quality content, whether in text, video, image or audio format, with the intention of entertaining their audience. Currently, they have become the favorite of brands to promote their products. 

Content creators educate or entertain their audience on the Internet by sharing what they have best: their knowledge and talents!

But why is this profession on the rise today? In this article, we will explain why content creators have become the favorite of brands to promote their brands and products. 

They don't just talk to a camera, but with creative videos, through art, photography, music, lyrics and much more. They connect with their audience, their communities are created from the content they offer. They go beyond following trends, they create them and are more daring when experimenting with new formats or ideas. With their creativity they manage to go viral easily. 

5 steps to start working as a content creator

  1. Define your market niche
  2. Create your buyer persona 
  3. Establish a publication schedule 
  4. Promote your products on digital channels
  5. Choose the platforms and formats of your content


Would you like to become a content creator?

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