Be Real, the app that can unseat Instagram and Tiktok

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The new app at the moment is the exact opposite of Instagram, as there are no edited photos, body sculptures or 'selfies' edited with filters. It's called Be Real, and it aims to break away from mainstream social media posts and present a more realistic version of our lives. What's its tagline? "If you want to be an 'influencer,' you can stay on TikTok and Instagram." The app, which is catching the Z generation, breaks the traditional barriers of superficiality, is far from what platforms like Instagram and TikTok offer, as a first instance, you can't share content whenever you want. Here the app will decide when you can. How to use? BeReal will notify you once a day that content is available for download. You will see a message that says, "It's time to get real." With one click, you can take a picture of what you are doing in minutes. The photo will need to be in the moment, as the app does not allow you to access the gallery and select photos from your camera roll.

It's about showing here and now without filters or editing later. After all, that's the truth. How to share content that reminds you of a photo you sent to your best friend on WhatsApp or a 'story' you shared with on 'Close friends'' on Instagram. The app enables the front and rear cameras. In addition, your friends will be able to see how many photos you've taken before receiving the photos you post. Like stories, posts disappear after 24 hours. After this time, the only old photos you will be able to see are your own. You cannot see other people's content until you upload a photo of yourself during the day. And how to add friends? It's very simple. You can add from your contacts or search for usernames within the app. Stay away from filters that damage our self-esteem.

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