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Quality Vs Quantity

Quality content could be seen as; a piece of communication that brings benefits to the target audience or that responds to and completes the consumer's needs.

It is the one that eliminates the customer's doubt and describes a topic in a complete way. Likewise, content is what you provide to your customers, innovating every day and catching their attention and making them want your product or service more. On the other hand, quantity content is very common to find on various websites, these are usually known for; commercial texts that do not provide valuable information and whose sole purpose is to promote a company, service or product, they are usually lacking in relevance and unattractive, this type of content is usually considered as spam, boring to read or unoriginal not only by search engines but also by the consumers themselves.

Ar marketing gives you some tips on how to create quality content

The key to innovative and authentic content lies in the quality of the content, in the fact that it is synonymous with valuable information. Google, with its algorithms, rectifies the same trend.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when executing a content plan:

What are you doing, how often, which are key?

The brand objectives to be analyzed are the goals required, according to the needs.

We talked about where to make quality content, we share with you some means:

-In a written blog.

-In a podcast.

-In a podcast transcribed in a post.

-In a video.

-In a publication on social networks.

-In a LinkedIn article.

All the communication channels you use to dialogue and interact with your audience have the potential to be good candidates for transmitting quality content.

Did you already know the difference between quality and quantity? We hope you find these tools useful, which other one would you add?

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