The power of creators and their influence on social networks

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Today, the opinion of content creators and influencers shows the weight of the 'Creator Economy' to the extent of influencing modifications and changes in apps such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Influencers move large masses and modify people's behavior; this brings with it a great responsibility.

Social responsibility in the industry is a commitment that extends to all players in the industry: content creators, brands, the customer and the organizations with expertise in prevalence marketing.

Once an influencer publishes content on social networks, he/she has a great chance to demonstrate his/her creativity, reasoning on the subject of which he/she communicates, including his/her personality and style to an audience that can be multiplied exponentially; however, in addition, by making this type of content public, he/she has an immense responsibility: to appeal to certain care and measure the impact that his/her performance will have.

The responsibility in Predominance or Influence Marketing is made up of 3 parts:

The influencer once you create the content and communicate it to your audiences.

The brands, the company must ensure that the products and services it advertises promise real benefits and avoid providing misleading advertising.

The official mediaThe last one is that of the intermediaries who help to consolidate one.

When we talk about responsible behavior, we are not talking about an innocent or control measure that limits freedom of expression; we are talking about using these tools for a cost-effective, truthful and socially beneficial information relationship.

These are some strategies to gain visibility in social networks, get to know them!

Create quality content

In the situation of using images, photographs, videos or any other audiovisual factor, besides being interesting and attractive to the audience, it should have a good viewing quality. Also, grammar and spelling are very important to transmit professionalism.

Publish at the best times for your audience

The type of audience to which the content is addressed must be taken into account. Also, taking into account aspects such as nationality, age, profession,

even on which days of the week there are more people who may be interested in that publication and thus generate more engagement..

The hashtags are keywords related to the post and that allow the user to reach the post. The use of hashtags, when done consistently and integrated within the content and brand, allows the user to reach the post or profile and help increase the visibility and reach of the message.

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