Ways to make a logo

Ways to make a logo

Today's competitive market realities in all industries have created an environment in which marketing is the most effective way to promote an organization. Through a well-constructed marketing strategy and the selection of an appropriate company branding style, it is possible to have a powerful psychological impact on potential customers, increasing sales.

A company's advertising brand is essential for the organization's sustainability in the market. The logo is inserted into advertising brochures, posters and Internet advertising. The structure of the corporate brand consists of the name, the logo and the style that evokes pleasant emotions in potential consumers.

In the first phase of the advertising, the challenge is to create a logo that is limited to the organization's activities. At the same time, the logo must not fit into the crowded landscape of the same type of competitor's advertising: it must stand out.

When creating a logo, the face of the company, you have to find the golden mean in the design concept so that it stands out with its atmosphere and transmits the company's peculiarities. To create the best possible logo, you can use the Turbologo platform to generate a successful brand. Once you have entered the necessary parameters in the Turbologo online designer, the software will offer you a series of suitable brand variants that will graphically convey the essence of your organization.

What is a logo?

A logo is the symbol of your company that generates trust with potential customers and creates a strong competitive position in the market among companies engaged in similar activities. A marketing element is a graphic representation that communicates your organization's philosophy and has a positive psychological impact on your customers, making them feel comfortable and want to buy.

How can I make a logo online?

Selecting a logo is a complex and thorough process that requires the consideration of many factors that affect the customer's perception of your organization. To select your logo, you will have to compare your competitors and their marketing strategies. The generated logo must be oriented to the solution of the established tasks: image building, attraction of customers by the external design, transfer of a certain semantic load, formation of positive emotions.

The key role in influencing the customer is played by the typeface: its color, size, complexity of the typeface, contrast with the background. Hard-to-read fonts can both repel and attract the intended audience. The font size should occupy between 20 and 40% of the logo area. The color palette used for the logo image is also an important aspect. The image should be uncluttered, but the elements represented should sufficiently convey the message to customers.

Combining all of the above factors in optimal proportions and their implementation on paper is a long and painstaking process. Therefore, we advise you to use the online builder "Turbologo", which will make you a few options that fit your criteria. To create a logo, just "enter" in the settings the scope and sector of the company, the keywords, the address and the associations that you would like to evoke in potential buyers.

Depending on the parameters you have entered, the program will generate several suitable options that will give a favorable image to your organization.


A well-chosen logo is essential to create the right brand perception among potential customers. A logo builds the image of a company in the market by creating a strong brand image. When designing a logo, every detail and the arrangement of the elements is important as a whole. The logo should be easy to imprint in consumers' minds, making them want to buy the product. A minimal set of symbols and the selection of colors in the image tell potential customers a lot about the brand, quality and specialization of the company. The logo unifies all the company's products and merchandise, giving them a stylized and uniform image that evokes the desire to buy the product.

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