Digestible content formats to use in your social networks

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Digestible content formats to use in your social networks

Digestible formats are those that are likely to be consumed quickly and shared consistently for longer due to their fluidity and brevity. 

In the times of TikTok and Reels, the challenge is to capture the attention of viewers for a few seconds, considering the format of social media content will boost the information you present, give you a more diverse account and capture the attention of your target audience. The purpose of creating digestible content is to entertain the audience, be shared with speed, captivate and attract new potential consumers as a result.

We share with you 4 digestible formats to position your brand:

Infographics are good for:

-Reporting accurate data

-Share data with your audience.

-To break down a process or steps to achieve something.


-They can be adapted to the internal communication of your brand.

-Increases the brand's connection with the public.

-Increases interaction between the public and the brand by generating viral content.

-Questions and answers to enhance interactions

-They allow ephemeral interactions with the stories.

-Improve and nurture engagement with your followers.

-They are ideal to know your audience (to know their opinions or interests).

-Videos to succeed in social networks

-Educate your audience.

-Generates organic scope.

-Communicate information in an effective way.


 We share with you 4 tips to make your content digestible to your audience and have more visibility 

-Focus your efforts based on the segmentation of your audience.

-Develops relationships with advertising brands and other sites

-Include buttons to all your social networks. 

-Use interactive pieces to share data and information in an entertaining way.

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