The relevance of Streaming Audio in marketing

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Ad costs continue to rise for podcasts

Marketers are investing more money in digital audio. Some are having success venturing into podcasts and music streaming, but measuring results can be challenging, and ad prices are rising.

Digital audio advertising has failed to catch up to traditional radio in general, and advertisers continue to spend billions of dollars on different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While podcasts represent less than one-fifth of the digital audio advertising market for major national brands, the major streaming services have been fighting for podcast and program creators who can attract both audiences and broadcasters by striking exclusive deals.

"The flatbed press soon realized it could leverage podcasting to reach a larger audience." In 2017 the daily The New York Times (NYT) lanzó The Daily, una emisión que “cuenta la actualidad como es debido”. Los Estados Unidos y el mundo han dominado el mercado del podcasting, En marzo de 2019, Voxnest, una empresa especializada en tecnologías de audio, señalaba que la progresión más rápida del número de oyentes de podcasts se había registrado en América Latina. 

Here are some Audio Streaming platforms.

To create and generate an interesting podcast, it is necessary to know the practical aspects of audio production.

These 5 tools will allow you to develop a Podcast for your brand, get to know them!

Number one: Spotify.

Apple Music: back on the block.

TIDAL: the commitment to sound.

Deezer: simple.

Speaker Studio.

Other alternatives such as: Speaker Studio, Trench and Overcast.

In view of the current widespread misinformation and distrust of the media, the authenticity and veracity of the media, the authenticity and veracity of the podcasting provides unique and exceptional opportunities, from research to transparency and trust.

We can conclude that the integration of audio advertising is a digital content strategy that offers a variety of benefits, and by reaching audiences in different contexts, within interactive content, can help to effectively engage audiences in new ways.

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